You're in the challenge! 🎉

You're all set! Thank you for jumping through some of those hoops to ensure that the Leaderboard automations work for you. You're now officially in the #Tweet100 Challenge!

#Tweet100 is designed to be highly impactful while also being a relatively small commitment. All you need to do is create ONE tweet per day that you're proud of. I challenge you to use this challenge to write good tweets, not just any tweet.

1️⃣ How We Log Your Tweets

This should be really easy for you.

I've setup an automation using Twitter and Airtable that will automatically register each day you've posted your #Tweet100 tweet. It will only count ONE tweet per day, so tweeting twice in one day will still count as one (unless you schedule for the next day).

⚠️  I can only count your tweet if you include the hashtag!  ⚠️
#Tweet100 or #tweet100

The Leaderboard calculates a Success Rate. It includes TODAY in its calculation and updates every 6 minutes. You'll see a green checkmark ✅ if you've Tweeted today and it's been logged!
Tweet100 Leaderboard

So you'll be able to check each day to ensure your Tweet was logged. You can watch in near-real time to ensure that your streak is active!

Please note: The leaderboard is is Eastern Time. (UTC +5)

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2️⃣ Add a Count to Your Profile


One of the best ways to encourage your own progress (and keep from forgetting) is to put your #Tweet100 counter on your profile.

By keeping this front and center, I remember to Tweet and I get excited about pushing my own number up just a little higher each day!


  • Use hashtag #tweet100 so that your tweets are counted
  • Add a counter to your name on Twitter
  • The Leaderboard is in ET timezone
  • Keep an eye on the Leaderboard and shoot for 100%!

I want to make this process better all the time. So hit reply and let me know what YOU'D like to see added or improved.

See you on Twitter!


PS: Tweet100 is more fun with friends. or even make YOUR first tweet of #tweet100 ABOUT #tweet100. Anyone can join at .


About the creator

Hey, I'm Jay Clouse! I created the #Tweet100 challenge as a way to hold myself accountable to putting more effort into Twitter.

During my own #Tweet100 challenge, I grew 20% and gained more than 2,000 followers. But even more importantly, I've seen others grow 2,000% or more – picking up thousands of followers.

I've been a community builder for years now, even having sold one community to Pat Flynn and SPI. I hope you enjoy the #Tweet100 experience and community!